Inspired by the awesome 5-in-1 set of cordless DeWALT power tools I recently acquired, I’ll post every now and then stuff on this blog about stuff I do when not sitting in front of a computer. It’s mostly about outdoor handiwork such as building, creating, servicing, fixing, well, stuff. The idea came from my current project: I need to reconstruct a 130-year-old building on our yard, and while it is a listed¬†building, there’s some need to document the work. But more than that, I just like to play with my¬†reciprocating saw and HERO GoPro camera.

And no, don’t be silly, I do not condone violence, especially linked to power tools. The title of the blog is an ode to the hilarious German language and its awesome fit to describe power tools, heavy industry, and all things engineering.